4 Top Exercises for Cardiovascular Health

4 Top Exercises for Cardiovascular Health

Looking after your heart is essential if you want to have a long and healthy life. And the best way to keep it pumping is with a quality diet, plenty of exercise and avoiding things like smoking and drinking. While all physical movement will help your heart, there are some workouts that are better to strengthen it and improve your cardiovascular fitness. Whether you want to do something high impact or take it easy, there’s a heart-healthy exercise for you. You can run, swim, lift weights and even do yoga to get your heart pumping and make your feel more alive. Try out one of these fantastic sports to keep your heart healthy for longer.


Running Intervals

1 running

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Going for a jog is one of the best ways to get your blood pumping, and running in intervals is even better. You can go hill running or do sprints in 10-second bursts, putting all your effort in to get you out of breath and then taking a short break to get your breath back before you do another. This type of training is something that you should do at the start of your workout so you can give it your all. Of course, other types of running are healthy for your heart too. If intervals are a bit too much for you, a slow jog on the treadmill (or even a fast walk) will keep your cardiovascular fitness in shape too.


Circuit Training

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Running isn’t the only thing you can do at high intensities to give your heart a workout. Circuit training is a workout when you do quick bursts of exercise, with minimal breaks in between. You do circuit training in a class, where different stations are set up for different exercises. You could spend anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes for each exercise, and then you move on to the next one (hence the name). These high-intensity workouts get your blood flowing hard and fast, making your heart work as hard as it can.



3 swimming

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For a form of exercise that can be either intense of gentle, get your swimming costume one and jump into the pool. You can do some intense lane swimming, but it’s just as easy to have a relaxed swim that’s gentle on your heart and cardiovascular system. People with heart disease often use swimming as part of their rehabilitation. It can reduce your heart rate, as well as improve your breathing, blood pressure and circulation. You can read all about swimming and heart health for more information on its benefits.



4 yoga

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Another gentle way to exercise your heart is through yoga. It might not get you breathing hard, but toning and strengthening your muscles through yoga poses is excellent for anyone who might be out of shape. It doesn’t put too much pressure on your heart, but it will help to make it healthier. And when you’re ready to take it up a notch, there are forms of yoga, like Bikram, that require a bit more energy.


Any exercise will help your heart to stay stronger for longer, but these are some of the best. Whether you just want to improve your general fitness, or you’re treating an illness, getting involved with these activities will get you pumped up.

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