5 Serious Weight Loss Techniques That Actually Work

5 Serious Weight Loss Techniques That Actually Work




When it comes to weight loss, there are far too many myths, secrets, and down-right lies out there. It’s no wonder people always tell us their diets aren’t working. Or their exercise routine isn’t having any effect. It’s because you believe the lies and fake information out there! Weight loss is all about a very simple routine that incorporates multiple factors. Let’s be clear, exercise doesn’t work without a good diet to balance it, and vice versa. There is no silver bullet or miracle cure here. It’s time to take a wider look. Here are the five weight loss techniques that actually work.


1. Cut carbs


I already know what you’re thinking. You’ve tried this one before, and it worked for a while, but you soon put the pounds back on. That’s because this is not a short-term diet. A low-carb diet must become a strict part of your eating habits and you must balance it with exercise. Here’s why. Carbs are essential for energy. Your body burns carbohydrate stores to function. Take them away, and your body will turn to the fat stores instead. But here’s the kicker. Don’t cut carbs completely, just reduce them, and increase your aerobic exercise to burn those fat stores instead.


2. Aerobic exercise


That’s right, we’re talking about running, cycling, and swimming here. These are the deep, fitness exercises that burn through fat stores. The best thing about aerobic exercises is that they target the right areas. Running targets the legs, cycling targets the bum, and swimming hits the abdomen. Aerobic is slow-burning exercise, so you’ll have to rack up the miles if you want to see results.

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3. Anaerobic exercise and strength training


If you want to see faster weight loss results, you need to balance aerobic exercise with anaerobic exercise. These are faster, high-energy workouts that burn through fat fast. It’s anything that includes quick bursts of energy. Try integrating sprints and intervals into your running and cycling routine. Or build strength through weight lifting or bodywork. This might sound counterintuitive, but those short, sharp bursts of energy will destroy your fat reserves for good.


4. Boot camp


We know how difficult it is to find the time to include exercise into your daily routine. So, why not give yourself a headstart with a retreat at Prestige Boot Camp? You’ll get away from the stresses of daily life, and focus entirely on your body. It’s a fantastic way to see quick results that will motivate you to keep working. Best of all, it will drive good habits into you that you can take home.


5. Get plenty of sleep and stay hydrated


As we said before, there are no miracle cures here. But, the closest thing to a silver bullet is plenty of sleep and lots of water. Studies have shown that drinking eight glasses of water helps your metabolism. You’ll lose weight fast and effectively. Eight hours of sleep are also crucial. It gives your body time to burn the fat reserves, and reset your cells and muscles.


That’s all there is to it! Follow this advice, and the weight will fall off in no time.

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