A Guide To Help You Stay Fit & Healthy During Retirement

A Guide To Help You Stay Fit & Healthy During Retirement

When we hit a certain age, we tend to start thinking about retirement. Retiring means saying goodbye to working life and living a life free from 8 am alarm clocks. One of the biggest worries with retirement is getting unfit and losing your shape. With nothing to do it can be easy to become unhealthy and unfit. So, here’s some handy advice to help you stay fit and healthy during retirement:

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Eat More Fruit And Veg

As you get older, your body needs nutrients and vitamins even more than it used to. This means eating fruit and veg has never been more important. Make sure you’re getting in at least your five a day, if not, more! There’re so many good things in fruit and vegetables that will do wonders for your body. You may find that upping your fruit intake will leave you feeling fresher and full of life. It’s especially important for people suffering from aches and pains.

Get Lots Of Fresh Air

Fresh air is key for ageing bodies. Too many people retire and spend the rest of their days indoors. Going outside is great for you, it can help you be far more fit and healthy. My tip would be to look for retirement homes that are located on park land. There are retirement lodges and homes in places like Lakeshore, which, as the name suggests, is right by some lakes and parks. This type of location is brilliant for getting out and going for a run. You can fill your lungs with the fresh air as you live out your retirement in a beautiful setting.

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Take Up Yoga

One of the best forms of exercise anyone can do is yoga. Yoga is great for the body and also the mind. Anyone can start doing yoga, there are many different types, for people with different bodies. Iyengar yoga is one of the most common and great for people as they get older. It’s not so fast paced and is more about holding poses and stretching. Yoga is a wonderful way for people to keep fit as they go through retirement. It’s also been proven to help with things like arthritis and back pain. If you’re suffering from either of these ailments, I’d thoroughly suggest you give yoga a go.

Join A Gym

There’s no reason why you can’t join a gym when you retire – you’ll have a lot of spare time! Gyms aren’t restricted to young people who want to become massive bodybuilders or be a bikini model. Anyone can take out a membership and join a gym. Joining a gym is the best way to ensure you stay in shape during your retirement years. There are plenty of things you can do in a gym to make sure you stay fit and life a healthy lifestyle. Plus, joining a gym has an added benefit too. It gives you something to do, somewhere to go. You have a hobby, something that is important for all retirees to have. Being retired can get boring if you don’t have your hobbies and going to a gym is perfect.

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