Fitness Accessories For A Healthy Sporting Life

Fitness Accessories For A Healthy Sporting Life

Everyone takes part in some form of fitness activity. Whether you’re a casual or a hardcore fan, keeping healthy is essential to a well-rounded lifestyle. Whether it’s running, lifting or jumping, our sports define us and make us the people we are today.


But, at times, they can be dangerous. That’s where fitness accessories come in, tools built to keep us healthy and strong. How do they work, and which ones do I need? Below, you’ll find a quick rundown of several essential fitness accessories, and how they can help you stay fit and healthy.


A heart rate monitor


Heart rate monitors are an essential bit of kit for any kind of trainer, as they help you keep your heart rate right in that sweet spot. They can also tell you other information, like calories burned.

heart rate monitor

A wearable monitor


How does it make me healthier?


If you work too hard, you’ll likely do more harm than good. If you don’t work hard enough, you aren’t reaping the benefits of your activity. A heart rate monitor lets you know that what you’re doing works, and works well.


A joint and muscle support


If you have aches, pains or cramps, it’s time to give some attention to the affected area. A joint or muscle support does just that, so you can carry on playing through the most minor of injuries.


How does it make me healthier?


It’s not really rocket science, but these kinds of supports will provide aid! A professional knee brace, for example, can support your knees and make any physical activity a lot more comfortable. The same goes for any other area of the body and any other support, too. You can get shoulder, hip and even ankle supports.


A foam roller


Foam rollers are a relatively new addition to the fitness world, but they’re no less important. As the name implies, you will ‘roll’ the device up and down your muscles before and after a workout. Whether you’re a runner or a lifter, they’re useful.

bumped foam roller

A bumped foam roller


How does it make me healthier?


By applying light pressure to certain areas of your body, you can aid recovery and release muscle tightness. Combined with a proper stretching routine, you can halt the buildup of lactic acid that can prove really damaging.


A barbell pad


Many bodybuilders will frown upon them, but it can’t be denied that they’re essential. A barbell pad slips onto your metal barbell, cushioning the weight and protecting your body.


How does it make me healthier?


With that heavy barbell pressing down on your back for squats, or your knees for seated calf raises, you can cause damage. Your back and even your knees can become injured, buckling under the weight of a sharp metal bar.


A barbell pad negates this worry, acting as a barrier between the barbell and your body. It will cushion the weight and make the exercise a lot easier than before. This means you can keep going up in weight, without worrying about any damaging effects sustained to your back and neck.

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