Good Vibes: Making Fit Fun


Good Vibes: Making Fit Fun

We all know exercise is good for us, even those of us who have never been gym bunnies or fitness fanatics. We know it’s important in the fight against heart disease, obesity, diabetes and all kinds of conditions. It’s not that some people just aren’t aware of the benefits, it’s that not everyone has that sense of motivation and discipline built in as naturally as others do. But there is another way. By finding the fun in fit, many are finding it much easier to get the exercise their lives were previously lacking.



Environment is everything

To some people, working out alone in the gym is the best environment they could ask for. Being surrounded by people all working as hard towards their goals gives them the sense of belonging and motivation they need. However, that environment doesn’t work for everyone. Fitness classes, for instance, are highly effective in helping those low on motivation because of the “group effect”. This is a scientifically proven to improve your ability to stick to your goals. There’s an extra sense of motivation, accountability, and even competition that helps people stick it out for longer. On the other hand, instead of using the treadmill or spin machine, there’s evidence that running out in the real world and mountain biking or even cycling on real terrain. Using the real world instead of a stationary piece of equipment isn’t just better for you, helping you burn more calories. There’s a greater sense of accomplishment and enjoyment in actually travelling across real distances and seeing real scenery that helps people keep at it.

Motivation beyond the scales

The sense of motivation you need to propel you through the strain of the exercise is determined by a lot of factors. Goals are one of the big ones. Having fitness goals, such as lifting a certain amount or losing a certain amount of weight, are all well and good. There is, however, an arbitrary quality to these measurements that can make them feel less important. Exercises with other, tangible goals have been known to be more effective precisely because the benefits are more easily felt. Learning a new form of dance, getting closer to mastering a skill, with salsa lessons adds an extra reason to keep shaking and twirling the weight off. Again, the very physical end goal of running or cycling in the real world makes it a lot more likely you’re not just going to give up before you reach the end.

The spice of life

No-one should be sticking to one form of exercise, either. For one, if you continue to work out the same parts of your body, the others continue to suffer. The benefits you get in response dwindle, too, as your body grows used to it. But variety is also an important factor in helping you avoid the boredom that can come as a result of repeating the same thing over and over.

Making fitness fun isn’t just a slogan that a personal trainer will throw out to try to get you more active. It’s proven to make it easier to stick with a workout plan, to make it easier to push through the strain, and even help you see better results. Could the suggestions above help you add some much-needed enjoyment to your journey to a better body?

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