Strength Training for Women

girl with abs

Strength Training for Women

Doing a cardio workout is all well, but what about focusing on your muscles? Often, muscle building in men and women works the same, so there’s not much difference to investigate. Yet, women’s bodies store food and fat in a different way to men, and therefore working it off or using it for energy is going to present a little differently. Here’s a few tips and tricks on how to build up and tone your muscles as a woman.

girl with abs

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Stick​ ​to​ ​Compound​ ​Movements

Compound muscle movements work more than one muscle at once, and thus are great for getting every part of your body working in tandem with another. Muscle fibers are broken down in more areas than if you were just doing isolated movements, and thus they grow back stronger and in double the quantity in all areas you’ve worked out that day.

Deadlifts, bicep curls, and squats all work well to do these, and often incorporate the entire body into a movement. Focus on isolated areas later on in a routine and get a headstart with compound lifts when you first hit the gym.

Try​ ​to​ ​Up​ ​Your​ ​Lift​ ​Weight

Know what you can lift, and then try to add a little more onto it. Cultivating a little more testosterone production in your body will make you that little bit stronger and able to lift more and more as you do it often. Incorporate sessions like these into your main routine.

Also be sure to know when you can increase naturally. If you’re doing about 8 reps of a weight with no discomfort, it’s time to up the ante and put a little more on each end. Get those killer arms you’ve always wanted!

When you’re just scrolling through the internet late at night, despite the fact that you should get sleep to stay in better shape, we come across quite a few inspirational photos. Sometimes sites such as AreTheyOnSteroids really helps in our motivation journey, so use these to good effect. You can be on par with the pros without any supplements or steroid intakes when you know what you’re doing.

Know​ ​When​ ​to​ ​Ingest​ ​Carbs

Carbs are the bulk of a person’s diet, no matter who they are. They give us short and long range energy, and often get us out of the bed in the morning. Don’t avoid them, and don’t have too little of them when you get worried they’re going to ruin a workout.

Have healthy and easy carbs before a workout, and then have heavier variations later on in the day. Make sure to drink plenty of water as well, and constantly! Water always works before, during, and after a workout, as it’s the body’s main source of soothing and keeping muscles on track.

Strength training comes in many forms, and there’s no perfect way to do so considering all our bodies are different. However, there’s a few general trends you can stick to, so try these out for your next routine.

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