Unleash Your Inner Gym Bunny

Unleash Your Inner Gym Bunny



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Finding time to go to the gym and workout can be tough, especially when the sun is shining and you want to be outdoors enjoying quality time with friends. Barbeques and beach parties are more alluring than the prospect of lifting weights at the gym. However, to get the muscular physique that you’re so keen on maintaining, you know that it’s vital that you keep to a strict exercise regimen. Take a look at these ideas to reinvigorate your passion for the gym.


Do Something New


If you are a creature of habit and you’ve been doing the same weekly exercise rotation for the past six months, then it’s no wonder that you’re getting a little bored of the gym. Mix it up a bit and try something new. If you have been doing the same squats to work your quads and you have never attempted a different style of bench press exercise, now is the time to change. The list of quality exercises to work your muscle groups is endless.


Get A Personal Trainer


You may not be a big fan of forking out your hard earned money to have someone shout at you and demand that you to work harder when you already feel like you could collapse from exhaustion, but a personal trainer can be a great way of learning new exercises and understanding your body a little more. An effective personal trainer will empower you to embark on your weight loss or muscle building journey.


You and your personal trainer can discuss your fitness goals and explore your diet and nutrition. They can help you generate a plan that will see you hit mini goals according to a schedule. There is nothing more motivating than seeing raw stats get better and better over time. If you want to achieve that elusive 5% body fat ratio, employing the services of an expert may be the way to go.




Taking a supplement won’t magically see you sprout biceps, but they can aid in the muscle recovery process allowing you to embark on your next set of tricep curls that little bit quicker. When considering how to find muscle building supplements that suit your lifestyle, you need to think about your aims. Each supplement will work in a different way. Creatine unleashes energy surges whereas a whey protein based supplement will enhance lean muscle and promote fat loss. By checking out a range of unbiased reviews, you can decide which supplements are right for you.

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There is plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine and get active outdoors. However, if your main aim is to build up muscle mass, there is no substitute for the gym. Consolidate your gym time by getting outdoors and doing some cardio like heading for a run, venturing out on a bike ride or swimming in the sea. But don’t forget that it’s time to get back in the gym and work towards your fitness goals. Your gym bunny is in there somewhere, it’s just time to unleash him.

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